Full Guide to Root Almost All Android Phones Without Pc

How to Root Android Device Without PC with 7 Methods Full Guide : This is best and Easy Guide to Root Any Android smart phone easily without any Risk.I Rooted three smartphones or more smart phone to Get Full access with apps and More.Many users ask How to Root Android Device without PC,I will Getting 5-6 request every day to Root Android phone from Users. So Today We will presenting a Full Guide to Root Any Android smart phone easily without Any Risk.In this Root Guide I will present best tricks to Root smartphones.After Rooting an Android Device will Get full access with apps Like exposed Framework which can be Run only in Rooted mobile phone.Note that Android Device must be should Minimum 1 GB Ram or More.Because If device has Low Ram than Device can crash permanently  During Rooting.So You have need to  1 GB or more RAM android mobile phone.In these 7 methods You can Root Anyone Smartphone like Samsung Brand, Sony,HTC Desire,Micromax or All other smart phone easily.Here is the Best methods to Root Android Device Without Pc in some minutes.

Root Android Device Without Pc

Nowadays without Root Android Device life is bad. In a days Android IOS is the best IOS and Its Trending. Some people’s wanna to Run some experience apps which can be Run in Rooted device only and Some Android users Don’t have PC so checkout How to Root Android Device without PC.  You can search on Google with Your device name and Model.But mostly Guides You will Get with PC, So You can use these 7 Methods easily to Root android device without PC.

Root Android Device Without Pc

What is Root in Android Device ?

Root is an experimental Thing which can Unlock all best experience things in Your device.For example – changing system name, Removing some system apps, customizing and Personalise it.Some people doing Root with some harmful method that can Brick You smart phone during Rooting. So be careful during Rooting method. First You know that What is Advantages of Root and What is Disadvantages of Root in Android Device. So Read all about Root and Be careful with This Guide.

Root Android Device without Pc :- Root Android Device without Pc has less risky chances to Brick Your smart phone phone during Rooting. After it If You root Your Android device than You can easily unroot Your Phone when You wish to unroot without Risk. So, the Good method to Root Mobile is Root without PC which is mentioned below in Full guide.

Rooting Android smart phone is a just simple process You have to understand this Rooting process.If You are a New user of Android device.Then You have not Recommended to Root.Here is the best and simple process to Root Your device and Get access or unlock all various thing to do in Your smart phone by Rooting process.You can do several thing after Rotting which is mentioned below in Full Guide.Befor proceeds root process You need to Read advantages and all Disadvantages of Rooting Device.There are many Advantages and many Disadvantages to Root android mobile.Here I will showing some Advantages and Disadvantages to Root below.So Read these Advantages and disadvantages First and after proceed to Root method If You accept to all things.

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Advantages of Rooting Android Device

  • You will get More things advantages to root Your Mobile.You can do any change in Your smart phone where You want.So below I will Described full Guide of Advantages and Disadvantages to Root.

In simple words :

  • Main Advantage to Root Your Device – You can do any change in your Android mobile.
  • Main Disadvantage to Root Your Device – Roots Voids Your Android device Warranty.

Advantages :

  • Increase Your Android mobile RAM anytime with a Method.You can increase Your smart phone Internal memory Storage.You can move apps to External SD card if Your Internal memory is full with Link2Sd app.
  • Increase Android mobile performance and Boost up Your device easily by some methods to increase Games and apps Speed.
  • Increase Your Android mobile battery life Using Greenify app which can access with Root.Greenify Under clock Your device which can Improve Your device battery life performance.This is one of biggest advantage to Root Your Android phone.
  • One another biggest advantage is You can Change Your Mods and Rom,s easily like Cyanogen or AOSP ROM etc. which can increase Your Android version and this will definitely increase Your device performance or more.Get more and Good features by Changing ROM.
  • You can also customise Some things with some apps like Gravity box and Xposed Installer etc.Gravity Box is a Good app to change UI and more in Your Android mobile phone and then Your phone look like a new smart phone.
  • Some other pre-installed app can cause Your phone with slow down it, so You can remove them Using Rooted mobile Phone.After Rooting You can uninstall Pre-installed app with Lucky patcher app.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android Device

  • Your Android phone might Bricked and it never turn ON during Rooting process.So be carefull during Root because it can damage Your phone.This is serious Disadvantage.
  • Rooting process can Voids Your phone warranty,It’s an illegal process.So think twice and carefull or checkout Root Android phone without PC from below.
  • As If Your phone brick during Root then please Backup Your contacts,SMS and all important apps from Your Phone and it will not recovered so backup is definitely if You want to Root.So You have to Backup full in External sd card not in Internal.
  • One of more biggest Disadvantage is You will not able to Update Your Android device with Latest updates via OTA.Company doesn’t provide any latest updates for Rooted android phone.
  • If Your mobile phone is rooted then You will not able to Run some apps,unfortunately Rooting is a process which can change Your Android phone all values.so some apps thinks that Your device is fraud,so they are not able to use after rooting Your device.For example Fokat money app.

Prerequisites Before Root Your Android Device 

  • To Root Your device  and get Instant access on apps then You have prepared some things to safety.You have to follow some things which I will mentioned below here.So first Read these things and then follow all Mentioned things given below.
  • Make sure You have charged Your Mobile phone minimum 60% level because some times rooting process takes time,so Your device has Good battery level.
  • Your Phone unknown sources should be enabled,To enable this Go to Phone Setting > >  Navigate to Security option >> Go to Unknown sources Tick on that option.
  • Backup Your all Important Data like Contacts,SMS and other some apps.You can backup with some backup image which You can Get on Playstore.If You don’t know How to Backup then follow steps to Backup that will mentioned below.

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How to Backup Your Data before Rooting Your Android Device

  1. First of All Backup Your contacts with super Backup app.
  2. Backup Your all Important apps with App Backup and Restore.

How to Backup Your apps with Backup and Restore app 

  1. First of All open Backup and Restore app and here You can see Your all installed apps.
  2. Tick or Mark on all apps to Backup all apps,  You can see in image which is given below.
  3. Now just You have to click on Backup app button Normally.It will start backup Your all apps (Without Data).
  4. As it, will be finished process You can see all apps in Your External Sd card or Internal memory.This will depend on Mobile Phone users selection.
  5. You have successfully backup’s Your all Important apps Data.You can start now Root Your Android phone with Full mentioned Root without Pc Guide.

Some top apps to Root Android Device Without Pc

  1. FramaRoot
  2. Vroot
  3. Z4Root
  4. CF auto Root.
  5. Kingo Root.
  6. Tower Root.
  7. King Root.

Root Android Device Without Pc


FramaRoot is best app to Root Your Android phone by easy method.We have to Install FramaRoot app and You will Get there 3 button in app to Root.You have to simple click on anyone Root button that You want to Root Your device.After clicking Your mobile will Get Rooted in some mintues.If don’t get Rooting then choose different methods give below to Root.This is my favourite app to Root android phones.I Rooted own 2 Smartphones with this FramaRoot app.Don’t forget to check out FramaRoot supported Android Device models.



Vroot is a Good app to Root Your Android device in simple steps.If You root with this app and Then During Rooting process.You will get Your Mobile switch off and when It will auto ON You will Get Your Rooted mobile phone with superuser.This is a Good app so it’s listed in number two.Its Good to Root for Chinese mobile phones like Karbonn Brand mobiles.Also You can Root using Vroot app on PC if You did not Get Rooted Your device or checkout more methods give below to Root.



Z4root is also a Good app to root some mobile phone in simple method.Best thing of This app is You can root almost All Android phones simply because it has support all UI of smartphones To root.If You are using Chinese spectrum model mobile phone then it will Be good app for You to Root Your mobile.This app has two Rooting method.One of them is temporary Root which can Root Your phone for temporary until You didn’t Restart Your phone,After restarting Root will be Gone.Second method is Permanently Root.In permanently root You will Get Root Your phone permanently until You didn’t install stock ROM.


#CF Auto Root

This app is also Good app to root.It can Root all Samsung devices so its made for Samsung phones specially to root.You have to need root Your mobile phone with this app then You should PC or Laptop.You can find this app download link from Below. It’s a Good app for Samsung brand mobile.So if You have Samsung then Root with this App.


#King Root

This application is same as like Vroot.But it has some different things to Root.Kingroot can be Root almost all android device which is Running Mediatek (MTK).This app will Running perfectly for android 4.4.4 version.Previously some days ago , I Rooted own Samsung Galaxy E8 android phone with This kingroot app.This android will working perfectly.App will working for All kitkat users.So its also a best app to root.You can root with this app without any of Risk.


#Towel Root

Towel Root is an another Big Rooting app to Root almost phones simple.This app specially made for 4.4.2 kitkat users.This app will also work on Samsung android mobile phones.Its a free app You have don’t even pay a paisa.You can root Your mobile without a pc or laptop using this app.Download link is given below after mention so Download and Root with Towel Root app in simple steps.


#Kingo Root

This app is also a Good app to Root android phones without a pc or laptop.Some users Don’t have pc or laptop then You can use Kingo Root app to Get full Root access in Your mobile.You have to Download this app and just click to root button.After complete Root process You can check Root via any root checker app that Root is fully access properly or not.So Download and use this Kingo root app to Root easily Your phone.To root using this You need to working internet connection or WiFi because this app download some updates and scripts during process.This app is very small around 1.1 MB.So Must You have to try it.


Conclusion :- These Are Some Of The Possible Methods to Root Android Device Without Pc. Hope This Article Successfully Helped You in Rooting Your Android Phone or Tablet. If You Are facing Any Problem in Rooting your Android Phone , just comment below with your phone model. Thanks For reading This Article.

Note – We Are Not Responsible For Any Damage Occur.

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