Full Guide to Run Blackberry Apps On Android Without Root

Android OS is now getting smarter day by day. Many People prefer to use Android Devices. After the method to Run iOS Apps on Android  People also became very crazy to Run Blackberry Apps On Android Phone. So In this article , I am going to the write the Full Guide to Run Blackberry Apps On Android. The best thing is that there is no requirement of root. So you don’t need to worry about Root Android Phone. There is no any difficult process is needed because I’m going to share very simplest method.

Run Blackberry Apps On Android

The Apps will run very smoothly as it works on blackberry phone. You can run blackberry keyboard , contacts , calendar , blackberry launcher any many more apps. You can use both android and blackberry apps in your single android phone. This method is very easy and free of cost. This trick will work only on Android 5.0 / 5.1 OS Only.

Steps to Run Blackberry Apps on Android Without Root

Follow the Below steps to Install and Run Blackberry Apps On Android Without Root.

  1. First of all , you need to download and install Blackberry Manager Apk in your android phone.
  2. Grant the Permissions and open the app.
  3. Now Install the apps which you like directly from this app.
  4. After that , Reboot your device for completely setup the app.

How to Use Blackberry Launcher in Android

You can also make you home screen as blackberry by using blackberry launcher feature. Follow the below steps to use blackberry launcher in android.

  1. Just goto your phone’s settings >> Apps >> Default Applications > Home.
  2. Select Blackberry Launcher from there and press the home button to save the settings. Now your Phone’s home screen will look like real blackberry phone.

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    How to Get Incoming Messages as Spark Notifications

    If you want or like to get spark notifications while any incoming messages then follow this simple step. You need to Configure your phone settings.

    1. Goto Android settings >> Device Security >> Other Security setting.
    2. Now goto device administrators > enable blackberry launcher and mail.
    3. Goto notification settings > enable Hub and Launcher.

    List of Blackberry Apps which works Without Root

    • Blackberry Calendar
    • Blackberry Contacts
    • Blackberry Hub
    • Blackberry Hub+ Services
    • Blackberry Keyboard
    • Blackberry Launcher
    • Blackberry Launcher
    • Blackberry Manager
    • Blackberry Notes
    • Blackberry Tasks
    • Blackberry Password Keeper


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